Grade 3/4 Learning for a Sustainable Future Grant

Ms. Mark’s grade 3/4 class enjoyed studying the biodiversity on the Cataract Trail.
Thanks to a grant from LSF (Learning for a Sustainable Future), we were able to purchase nets to add to our ever growing outdoor education supplies. We can now study plants, trees, birds and insects. We also planted milkweed so that the monarch butterflies can have a cozy home before their long flight back to Mexico and to hopefully increase the biodiversity on the Cataract Trail.

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Planting Milkweed to Save the Monarchs

Today, students started to plant their milkweed plants, which have been growing since Earth Day, April 2017. We planted in our front garden. We hope students will enjoy seeing milkweed so that they can learn about the Monarch butterfly’s natural habitat and then begin to conserve this plant in nature.

Thank you to LSF for giving us a grant to continue this project. We will soon begin to study the biodiversity on the Cataract Trail using nets, critter boxes, magnifying glasses, binoculars, and identification charts, books and guides for birds, plants, trees and insects. We are going to have fun!!! and learn a lot, too.

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Plastic Bag Grab Challenge!

 We’ve been collecting plastic bags at our school,Victoria Terrace, for a challenge for students across Canada and we will be bringing them into Walmart this week to be recycled. We have been collecting them and putting them in groups of 100 and we have collected over 1000 bags. Its a great way to get plastic bags from going into the landfills.