Wind Energy

The grades 1/2 class  had a guest speaker from T.R.E.C (Toronto Renewable Energy Co-op), come to the school and talk about Wind Energy. We had a knowledge building circle to see what we  already knew about renewable energy. After the knowledge building, we were put in to groups. What we did was we had to find which size of blades created more energy. The sizes of the blades were small, medium and large. We found that the small one created the most energy

Growing Milkweed for the Cataract Trail (Terry Fox Trail)

Ms. Mark’s class has started to grow Milkweed in an effort to help out the Monarch Butterflies whose numbers are quickly reducing as a result of loss of habitat — Milkweed. The class will plant them along the Terry Fox Trail later in the Spring. Cross your fingers — we’ve never grown Milkweed and we sure hope they sprout, nice and strong!!!

 This project is funded by LSF. With our grant money we will be using nets and identification charts to study biodiversity on the Cataract Trail. Later in June, we will plant the milkweed in a number of places, our school garden and along the trail.

Energy Inquiry part II

All students from grades one to six have now attended a workshop on each of the following seven forms of energy: Fossil Fuels, Biomass, Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydro (water) Power, Geothermal and Tidal Power. At each workshop, we learned about the pros and cons of a form of energy, participated in activities and experiments, and were encouraged ask questions. On March 7th, all of us formed a knowledge building circling. A knowledge circle is a big circle that students form in the gym. We take turns passing around a ‘thinking stick’. When one student has the ‘thinking stick’, it is their turn to speak. They can state their opinions or ask questions for other students to answer. We all asked questions and shared our thoughts on renewable energy. Many students thought Fergus could be a fossil fuel free community because of all the types of renewable energy we could use. Although, some student disagreed that we could be fossil fuel free and some students weren’t sure.

Energy Inquiry

At V.T we are learning about renewable energy. Students travel from class to class and learn about the different types of renewable energy. There are 7 renewable energy stations that students travel to. We learn about biomass, Wind Power, Water Power, Solar, Geothermal, Tidal and Fossil fuels. Biomass is energy used from other living sources and waste. Wind, water and solar are natural forces that we use to make energy. We also use Tidal,and geothermal energy. Finally we are learning why fossil fuels are bad and we wonder if our town can be fossil fuel free!

by A. F