Earth Day Activity for the Junior Grades: Fashion Takes Action Workshop

Fashion Takes Action

A presentation and workshop for the junior students for Earth Day. This workshop made us aware of where our clothes come from. We learned about how garment workers in other countries are paid very little and work long hours and often in bad conditions. We learned how to remake old t shirts into makrame! So many clothes are wasted because we have too many because they are too cheap.

Preparing Earth Day Activities!

Students from the Eco team were  painting camouflage eggs to hide around the school on EARTH DAY for students to find.  This activity teaches kids that when birds lay eggs on the ground they make the eggs camouflage so predators won’t find them.  Other activities students in our school will be participating in are the snake slither where  3-4 students will form a train and the last one has a snake tucked in their pants and other trains try to steal the snake.  The kindergartens will be making seed bombs and then will be doing henna on the primary students.

World Water Day, 2019 Junior Water Walkers

To celebrate World Water Day, a group of 15 students from grade 5 and 6 participated in a Water Walk for the Grand River and for our love of Nibi, water! Thank you so much to Jan Sherman, Anishnabe Knowledge Keeper and Community Helper, and Arlene Slocombe, and Ms. Mark for leading us through this adventure. We participated in a traditional Anishnabe ceremony which involved feeding the water, singing by and for the water and walking for Nibi…..(more will come soon).


Junior Water Walkers

Some of the junior students have been asked to participate in a water walk to learn how to take care of our water.  They will learn about a sacred ceremony to thank the water for all the life its given us.  This morning special visitors, Tracey Ryan and Jan Sherman  came to teach us about our water and the Grand River. Both of there words have really inspired the students to help take care of our water.